Easy Heirloom Coin Purse

This coin purse is reminiscent of the one my grandmother owned when I was a little girl. It was really her everything purse. Coins, dollar bills, nail clippers, lip balm, and even a few bobby pins were always the contents. I used to love opening and closing it, over and over again because of the way the Kiss Clasp sounded when snapping shut.

Later in her elder years she went into a nursing home. She was so upset because other residents would come in her room (mistakenly) and take her Bingo quarters that she kept in her night stand. I knew exactly what she needed- a coin purse to keep in her dress pocket. I went out and found a beautiful, purple Kiss Clasp coin purse for her to keep those quarters safe. She was so tickled with it!

These purses are so handy, and I still love the way the clasp sounds when closing them.

Enter the Easy Heirloom Coin Purse! With simple stitches and the Antique look of the clasp this coin purse may just remind you of your grandmother or even a favorite aunt.

To find this pattern click the “Free Pattern” tab above.

A low priced PDF Download for this pattern can be found on my Ravelry site by CLICKING HERE.

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